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Warehouse Scan Gun

Year: 2022
Client: FulFilld
Studio: StudioRed
Roles: Phase 1 Concept Development with Senior Designer and Device Ergonomics

The F2022 is a proprietary handheld scanner designed to optimize the warehouse experience. The F2022 stands out from the crowd by being powered by a smartphone. Having to survive several high drops, the device in essence becomes a rugged smart case for the smartphone. The everchanging warehouse environment made durability a big focus. Developing the device in this way allowed us to make it easy to swap in new smartphones when they break or become obsolete.

Making Warehouse Management easier


Google Pixel Powered



Full Shift Usage


Component Configurations


Choosing a few concepts to prototype, I was going through the motions of building and repairing to experience what a user would experience. I found that these patterns tested were not as strong as thought and the way they were sewn to the midsole was too time-consuming, tedious, and difficult for an average person to do.

Phase 1


Bringing it all together

After extensively ideating on how the shoes would go together, I landed on the upper being held together by buttons. The buttons offered a simple and secure way to put on and take off the vamp. After some tests, it was clear that there needed to be a button-like system that was stronger such as with inserts. 

Final Directions

Adidas Ultraboost_edited.jpg


The focus was on how to make the shoes come apart as easily as possible and back together in a way that was strong against the elements for hiking. Concepts that stood out were ones that prioritized simple methods of hooking on to each other such as those inspired by snaps and outlets. The midsole acted at the "bone" of the construction where everything was attached to it.

Phase 2 Ergonomic Development

Testing & Refinements

I was convinced of the concept of buttons. It was strong, easy to work with and disassemble. After a few tests, it was noted that the buttons did not hold up as long as expected. After taking it on and off once, the thread had stretched. 

Taking inspiration from the buttons, I moved toward inserts. The inserts allowed for extra strength and easy usability. After the test, it proved its ability to stay in place but I still had to take stretching, aging, and ease of removal into consideration.  

Final Design

Studio Style renders

Studio Style renders

Studio Style renders



Thank you!

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