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Soothing Bedside Oil Lamp

Fall 2020
DSID 128
Team project with Bao Tu & Sam Vizcaya
Role: CAD, Rendering, Animation, CMF (Ideation, modelmaking, research, and interviews was done together as a group)

Today, many are plagued with poor sleeping habits coming from many different sources. Sleep is a crucial need for our brain to grow and stay healthy. 

MLO is a soothing bedside table oil lamp that helps people relax before going to bed.


It does this by providing some natural light before bed which allows melatonin production, and sleep chemicals to continue through unwinding. 

Main Hero

Artboard 2.jpg

Canopy zoom in

Artboard 7.jpg

Zoom In main 

Top Zoom in-ish with hand pulling up (*Look at pinterest B&O w/ hand)


Dual Hero


In Action


Thank you!

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