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Med-eV delivery robot

Med-EV is an electric autonomous delivery robot that delivers various medicines to people's homes.

Current State of Delivery Robots

Today most delivery robots fall under the category of Street delivery robots. They tend to have a very limited range and capacity. Only working in small areas. At the same time, they have not been able to deliver efficiently since they delivery one item at a time which can cause problems when demand is high.



With a rising population and hospitals getting more expensive and filled up, more and more people are starting to go with
the Hospital at Home system to save time and money for the patient. This robot is targeted to help those who chose to be treated from home. 

Use Case

This would be mainly use in Urban and Suburban areas since there is a larger ratio of people per square mile which help the robot reach more people.


Hospital at home programs allow patients to receive treatment at home. It can cut the cost of care by 30 percent or more. At the same time medicines will usually be shipped my mail or delivered by nurse. This causes an inefficient use of staff or a delay due to mail processing. 

House Icon.png


Phase 1:

Looking to develop a personality for the overall form that would make it inviting and easily approachable. At the same time began to look at the relations of the shapes of the lights and what emotions they represented.

Phase 2:

Began on the literal side and began moving to more subtle cues.Moved to a van style to fit in as many products in one journey. At the same time manufacturing began to play a role how I began to shape it.

Phase 3:

Began to work out the minor details and how people would receive their packages from the robot. Continued to ideate not headlight and back light configurations


Autonomous Driving

Able to Drive itself from point A to point B without a driver. At the same time having machine learning cloud capabilities where each robot learns from other robots' mistakes 

Electric Vehicle

Cars powered by electricity and electric motors

Parcel Lock Box System 

Secure Strong Mail Box system that requires a code to open the mailbox

andrew-roberts-2JvEjF0tf50-unsplash (1).

Pandemic Use

Grocery Delivery

To deliver groceries to senior citizens to reduce exposure and to keep them sheltered in place. Thereafter it would be used for everyone else. 

Uber eats

To deliver food from local restaurants to people who are sheltered in place.

Equipment drop off

Deliver items such as masks, shields, etc to health workers in a quick and timely manner.



Main Moodboard.png



Parcel system to make sure you get the correct items

Autonomous Driving

Electric Vehicle

Smaller wheels that require less energy to move

Interior Climate Control to preserve medicines

Side displays to input pass code to open vehicle



Loading of the medicines in the parcels


Robot goes on road for delivery


Person punches in passcode that was texted to them

Door opens and the parcel opens. Person grabs the medicine.


Robot arrives at person's home


Robot continues its trip

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