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Gate AR Panel

Gate is a holographic water smart panel in which users can use to play active games and video call with distant family.

Gate is also the result of trying to make furniture that is both technology and furniture.

A little about Alzheimer Disease

An estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s in 2019. This includes an estimated 5.6 million people age 65 and older. While there is no certain cure, there are ways to reduce its effects and symptoms.

There are 6 main pillars that are followed when treating patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

Regular Exercise

Social Engagement

Healthy Diet

Mental Stimulation

Quality Sleep

stress management


The Millennial generation was one of the first generations to grow up with modern day video games. That age group makes up for 40% of all current gamers. With this group beginning to age, they will want to continue to play all the way to past retirement.


Elderly 60-70 years old with Alzheimer’s disease, a
with mental diseases that is gained through the aging process. 

Many places that have been seen to also hold
similar needs are people with substance abuse
problems, brain injuries, depression and Anxiety.

Market research




Useful Phase:

Finding ways to leverage the potential in video games to help those with Alzheimer's. Mainly looking at mobile devices and objects that can be put away

Usable Phase:

Finding ways for the experience to be easy and comfortable to use. Needed to be intuitive. At the same time moving the main panel to be a furniture piece as opposed to something that is hidden away. 

Desirable Phase:

Added a factor for aesthetic inspired Scandinavian modern look and feel. Continued to push design to be easier to use and for the remote to be simple and secure in the hand

Testing Usability

Seeing what size is best when standing 3 yards away


Remote ergonomics. Took inspiration from OXO products and existing remotes


Placement of remote and how to get it out. Pinch requires high dexterity


Visibility and ease of use


Placement with a larger hole for easier time grabbing remote


Experimenting with transparency and reflections


Wanted to match current interior design trends, one of which is Scandinavian design. Having brighter colors with a warm tone to convey a lively feel.




Gate AR Panel

Continuous Water running
Video Projection
Front cameras for video calls
Face to Face gaming
Online play with privacy features
Remote with simple controls
Magnetic Remote
Acts as furniture when not in use


Touch pad


Magnetic to pillar

Wireless charging

Built in lanyard strap

How to use


Pull remote off to power on projection

Choose a game to play or program to use in menu


Start playing local or online

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