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A survival wearable that extrudes synthetic skin to cover up various levels of wounds that can last in different environments.

Wild+ Sealr


About UST

UST as a brand focuses on making practical and reliable equipment, and tools at an affordable price. They focus on a few different sectors such as Survival, Camping, Fire, and Lighting.


Finding Needs

After looking at their lines of products and going out to outdoor stores there were several places
where there was space for new products.

Survival information
Sealing wounds

Need for a wearable wound sealer 

Bleeding must be stopped after 10 minutes or it can be fatal


Being able to act on a problem quickly is key in a survival situation


Being able to stay focused allows for a greater probability for survival




Guy goes on a hike in a secluded area.

Falls off a cliff.

On the way down, scrapes a large rock and arm gets cut open.

Needs to seal the wound fast.


"In a survival situation, time is never on your side"

"A successful survival tool has to be stupid easy to use

Military Survivalist Instructor




Phase 1:

Started off with several AI Assistants that help come up with solutions for most medical emergency situations by looking for local medical plants. Scratched concept after doing a simulation and realizing it takes too long to receive instructions in an emergency

Phase 2:

Moved forward with solutions that were readily accessible and were effective at sealing up the wound. Attempted to tackle it with biomimcry with a design similar to a leech and an octopus

Phase 3:

With accessibility in mind, I created different variations that were quick to get to and compact. At the same time, found synthetic skin gel was a way to seal up injuries and be able to stay on in different harsh conditions.

Testing Accessibility

Hand cuffs are the main inspiration for the accessibility of the product.


Attempt to create a latch that can be opened easily. Did not work well since it would stay on when pulled. Too tight


New version of latch would fall off when person would be walking. Too weak.


Attempted to define the application process with consideration on an injured user.


Attempted concept of a hard wearable to test accessibility. It required too much dexterity for certain situations


Reached a point where the opening of the band was simple with the use of magnets holding it closed and retractable bands


polyglycerol sebacate

A material that is commonly used/studies for tissue engineering applications due to its elastomeric mechanical properties and biocompatibility. It is used to cover up burns and cuts to help them heal a lot faster and disinfect themIt is projected in 4 years to have strong weather resistance and able to become a gel.







Can be reused multiple times

Tank has enough for 2 uses

Extruder Fan

Keeps temperature stable

Cures in 2 seconds

Gel has anti-biotics and numbing powder to help with primary first aid

Front Lip

Channels fluid away from the injured area

Opening band

Opens to expand to reach hard to reach places

How To use


Hook Finger into the band to get to it quickly


Palm the Sealer in your hand 


Push the sealer on wounded area for it to extrude the gel

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