String Boy is a compact digital Guitar Teacher

Learning an instrument online can be difficult. Because there is no music teacher is with you, it can be difficult to learn and be motivated. 

Accelerated Learning

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, there is a need to find new ways to teach certain skills or curriculum. Gamification allows for accelerated learning by making the learning process more interactive, engaging, competitive, and builds a drive.


DemoGraphic & USe case

College Student that lives on campus who has been wanting to learn to play the guitar. 


Area of Use

College dorm

Limited Space

Limited Noise levels

Limited furniture to place things on

Story Board

Student buys guitar  and tries to learn to play from the comfort of his room.

The difficult learning curve makes him frustrated.

During his practice, his roommate gets annoyed by his bad playing and gets mad at him.



Phase 1:

Was aiming to create an attachment for guitars. Tested weight and visibility. Moved toward an amp design with indicators.

Phase 2:

Continued down this path to make something that can take into account the length of the fret board while still being compact

Phase 3:

Realized that the user not only needed to store both the guitar and the amp but also buy both which can get pricey depending on the quality on the guitar. Moved towards an all in one device.

Testing Visibility

Visibility of phone

Visibility of phone

Visibility of phone

Indicator visibility

Indicator visibility



  • LEDs under fret to follow during lessons

  • Headphone jack

  • Body retracts to adjust body size

  • iPhone drives the lesson onto the guitar

  • Gamifies learning to play

  • Accurate Sound Reproduction

  • Compact

  • Long Battery life

  • Similar Weight and Feel